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Experience Our Unique Approach to Planning 

Together we'll determine your NorthStar.

Defining “where you want to go” in life can be a challenge, especially if you have yet to clearly outline your goals and long-term needs. At Wealth Management Institute, Ltd. we work with you to clarify what it means to live your life on purpose, according to your terms and timetable. 

As a firm, we don’t outsource wealth management. Instead, we’re able to manage your money in-house and as if it were our own in order to help you truly embrace the meaning and purpose of your journey.

It’s Your Life

Let’s Help You Live It

Step 1:

Pack Your Bag

To help guide you through the "NorthStar Process" and achieve financial success, the first thing you must do is "Pack Your Bag."

During a 15-minute phone conversation, we’ll deliver expectations and begin organizing your finances based on your goals and dreams. It’s important that when you begin your financial trek that you pack a complete and organized bag that helps you face any hurdles along the way. 

Get Started

Step 2:

Set Up Camp

After "Packing Your Bag", it's now time to "Set Up Camp".

Next, we’ll meet for a few hours to input your documents into our interactive financial planning tool, “the Knot”. Together, we will discuss important goals/objectives for your financial future and continue monitoring your progress before our Compass and Map meeting.

Step 3:

Compass and Map

Everyone needs a compass and map to find their way down the trail.

This meeting provides an analysis of your current investment portfolio and recommendations to help achieve continued financial success. We will provide you with a detailed summary including reports and recommendations, in addition to a 30-day complimentary subscription to “the Knot”.

We'll Answer the Question, "Where Are You Going?" As We Continue the Trek

After your initial trek, it is important to continue to monitor your financial health. Our relationship will be an ongoing journey to help your long-term success.